• My name is Katie Linekin, the heart and soul behind THRYN Boutique and I am so excited to share my story with you. THRYN Boutique is more than just a fashion destination; it's my dream, my passion, and my way of expressing myself, and I can't wait for you to be a part of it. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been inspired and intrigued by the fashion industry.

    Every once in a while, my mom would let me pick out my outfits, and 5-year-old Katie would strut out the door feeling like she could take on the world. Fashion has always been my safe space - it's where I know I fit in and can be my truest self. That love for fashion never faded, and it led me to spend my entire career working in retail, learning the ins and outs of the industry and discovering my own unique style.

    Let’s talk about the name THRYN. It's a little piece of me that I wanted to share with you all. While everyone knows me as Katie, Kathryn is my full name. One night, my family and friends were all gathered around the table brainstorming names, and my sister's friend blurted out "THRYN". The moment I heard it, I knew it was perfect. THRYN is not just a name; it's a reflection of who I am and the journey I've been on to bring this dream to life. I believe that fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression. I've curated a collection of pieces that I hope will make you feel confident, empowered, and like your best self. I can't wait to learn from you and see what resonates with you.

    Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey and for supporting my dream. It's surreal to think that THRYN is now a part of my story. The little girl in me who once dreamt of this is jumping up and down with happiness and excitement. I'm so grateful to have you here, and I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us together.